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With CG Advisory, you choose to give your company the approach it needs. As everyone is unique, each company is unique and requires a tailor-made approach. With CG Advisory’s approach, your company is scrutinized step-by-step. You are assured that the effects of the approach are not only immediately visible, but also that they will remain visible for a long time after the project has been completed. For your company, this means not only the emergence of a stronger organization, but also a team where the created mindset will ensure continuous growth

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CG Advisory business coaching includes the process of engaging regular, structured business related conversations with mostly clients. A client can be described as an individual or team within a company, profit or non-profit organization, institution or even governmental organization, who is the recipient of business coaching.

In order to survive and achieve success in the business world, it is a necessity to manage a coach. CG Advisory’s business will help your employees to become more effective, supporting, understanding and involved in your business process. With our coaching we aim to influence your employee’s adaptability, productivity, and retention to make better use of time.

Personal Coaching is a constant learning process and mostly based on our client’s interests, goals and objectives. With this service we want to maximize our client’s full potential. By working with CG Advisory as your personal coach, you will learn how to effectively focus all of your efforts into achieving your goals and objectives. Getting stuck on roadblocks will belong to the past and you will be able to enjoy more free time and spare energy, whilst achieving more than before.

CG Advisory’s Leadership Development program includes activities that are based on improving the skills, abilities and confidence of leaders. In today’s business climate, the most effective leaders are expected to address both efficiency and human needs within an organization. To have effective leaders in your organization, HR must put its focus on the importance of leadership development to guide leaders to focus on both efficiency and human needs.


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