Chivaro Gajadien

As the CEO of K&K Heritage Group, Chivaro Gajadien is responsible for running all facets of his seven thriving businesses in Suriname. Chivaro has a proven management and advisory track record and over 25 years of experience driving personal growth and specialization in the Human Resource industry. By observing many companies over the years, he has recognized the principles that can help companies formulate strategies for the years ahead. Prior to his success, Chivaro was quite the matchmaker in school; he found his passion in connecting people at an early age and developed this passion into a business with his entrepreneurial nature. He soon quit his civil engineering bachelor’s studies and dove into the world of business.

Building a huge group of companies can require the combined talents and assistance from a lot of people. Chivaro did not have a lot of support; there are a handful of people who supported him, one of which is his dad. People often ask him how he managed to grow; there is no simple answer to this question, but the most important aspect was his drive to connect people and keeping his vision in mind.

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"Be Your Own Biggest Competition".

~ Chivaro Gajadien ~